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Wine Region: Napoleon’s birth island, Corsica!
30 Jul, 2015

corsicCorsica is a piece of land in the Mediterranean sea between France and Italy that was for a long time the refuge for pirates of both countries.

The lovely island is notoriously known for being the birthplace of the greatest French Emperor, Napoleon.

Called the Beauty island for being the sunnier region of France, Corsica is famous for its sumptuous mountains, its hidden beaches with turquoise waters and… its pungent cheeses. We tend to forget about the wines though. It’s a mistake.


Walk in the steps of Napoleon

Napoleon is a name that inspires battles and conquests… And wine from Corsica echoes to this character. It’s mainly because the island grows its own grapes Barbarossa, Nielluccio, Siaccarellu, Vermentino… Coupled with Mediterranean weather, the scarce lands of Corsica produce unforgettable and unique wines.

The red are full-bodied yet delicate and very flavored. The rose wines are among the best in France with a slight fruity taste tainted with a smoky pepper note. The fruity dry white wines are not to be left over as well.


Exceptional years, exceptional wines

2006 and 2007 were exceptional years for the nine appellations of Corsica wines.

The “Muscat du cap Corse” is ranked as one of the best in the world.  The long lasting finish and the complex aroma blend of nuts, exotic fruits and candied citrus do not leave you indifferent. For this Muscat du cap Corse, 2009 was acknowledged as the “Vintage of the century” for this appellation. If you have any chance, get your hands on a bottle of this jewel wine…


Red, white and rose wines made out of unique grapes in a beautiful island. Corsica has a kind of magic that casts spells on its wines.

If you ever have the chance to go there for a wine discovery road trip, we promise you an unforgettable journey.

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