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Sancerre Galinot, Domaine Pascal Gitton, 2009

An excellent Sancerre, a beautiful Sauvignon perfectly grown, harvested and vinified! Congratulations Marcel Gitton! Directly from the vineyards. Exclusively on The French Cellar


Sancerre is an appellation produced in the area of Sancerre in the eastern part of the Loire valley. Almost all of the appellation lies on the left bank of the Loire, opposite Pouilly-Fumé (not Pouilly-Fuissé which is in Burgundy!)


Created after the 2nd World War (1945) by Marcel Gitton from 0.5 hectare of vines, vineyards Gitton Père & Fils cover 27 hectares distributed among the best terroirs in the communes of Sancerre and Ménétréol. Marcel and Pascal Gitton were the pioneers of the expression of the diversity of the Sancerre vineyards. Their son, Pascal Gitton, is now in charge of the vineyard


100% Sauvignon


Our sommelier’s comments

Bright golden yellow color with white gold reflections
Surprising and complex nose with candied apricots, quince, date palm, fresh honey and hazelnut. A beautiful aromatic palette enhanced by a beautiful minerality and lemon zest
Fresh, ample attack. Round palate with candied fruits and quince paste; a well balanced acidity. A great depth and finish!
Chicken with pineapple and cashews, crayfish salad with citrus, lemongrass cuttlefish
Wine service temperature: 12° nMaturity: ready to drink, up to 8 years cellaring


Dry Sweet
Aromatic Very aromatic
Non fruity Very fruity
Non spicy Very spicy
Light bodied Fully bodied
Non tannic Tannic
Non oaky Oaky


Did you know?

Sancerre is famous for for its high-quality goat cheeses, which are an excellent match with white Sancerre.

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