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Allobroges Cuvée Schiste, Domaine des Ardoisières, 2012

A rising-star winemaker from Savoie, my native region. An astonishing wine, with an incredible aromatic complexity and a minerality from the terroir of Savoie.
Directly from the vineyard. Exclusively on The French Cellar


Savoie is a wine region situated in the Savoy region in eastern France. The entire Allobrogie area is characterized by its mountainous topography, with the lower Alps lining France's border with Switzerland and Italy.


Domaine des Ardoisieres owns 40 year old vines planted at high altitude (400m) on steep schist based hillsides. 80% of the wine quality is achieved by a rigorous work in the vineyards, handpicked harvest, which allows nature to express itself. Domaine des Ardoisieres is a fast-rising star, during the 2 last years, all the Parisian fine-dining restaurants  have added this wine in their menu, so beautiful and different from what is done in France.


40% Jacquère, 30% Roussanne, 20% Pinot gris, 10% Mondeuse Blanche

REGION: Savoie

Our sommelier’s comments

Golden yellow color with gray highlights
A very surprising and original nose with aromas of yellow fruits (apricot, pineapple), mineral and white pepper... (do not hesitate to aerate it in your glass)
Well-balanced palate between richness and acidity. A very long finish, very mineral and fresh
Cold lobster salad with truffle, roasted prawns, white truffle, cheese (Beaufort, Comté)
Wine service temperature: 12-13°C .
Maturity: ready to drink, up to 10 years cellaring


Dry Sweet
Aromatic Very aromatic
Non fruity Very fruity
Non spicy Very spicy
Light bodied Fully bodied
Non tannic Tannic
Non oaky Oaky


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