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The Michelin Experience
26 Jul, 2018


Photo by Genevieve Loh, Channel News Asia

Last night, the third edition of the Singapore Michelin Star list successfully launched at the Michelin Guide Singapore 2018. The French Cellar relates closely to the prestigious gastronomic guide, as our Sommelier, Nicolas Rebut, was the Chef Sommelier of two 3-Michelin Star restaurants. Based on his tasting guides, our team is most excited to pair our monthly wine selections with dishes from restaurants and eateries in the new list.

Everyone knows that the right food-and-wine pairing enhances the dining experience. But as the pioneer wine club in Singapore, we like to take it a step further to uncover undiscovered local pairings. Upon trying thereof you will find yourselves begging for more of these delightful surprises. Next time you have a plate of soy sauce chicken rice from Hong Kong Soya Sauce Chicken Rice and Noodle–especially with some chilli, balance it with a light-bodied red wine like IGP Coteaux de L’ardeche Petite Selve 2017, Chateau de la Selva, that will bring out the spicy and roasted aromas of the chicken. Or how about pairing sashimi from Sushi Kimura with our Bordeaux Blanc, Chateau Jeanguillon, 2016? The saltiness from the soy sauce will soften the acidity and bitterness of this young Sauvignon Blanc white wine.

Want to explore more pairing ideas with Michelin-Starred food? Take a look at our tasting guides of each wine, which are written by The French Cellar’s Sommelier, Nicolas Rebut, based on his deep knowledge and experience in his over twenty years of wine-curating.

Nicolas Rebut was the Chef Sommelier of two 3-Michelin Star restaurants — Le Meurice (Paris) and Le Louis XV (Alain Ducasse restaurant in Monaco). Apart from touring around France to curate the best wine selection for our members, he also had the opportunity to try many local Singaporean dishes with the wines he chose. This way, he was able to understand our local palette and to recommend wines that are suitable for the wine and dine experience.

Wine novice or interested in discovering wines you do not have access to?  Every month receive two bottles of exclusive French wines at home with our sommelier’s tasting guide. Find out more