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Mini-Interview #7

Timothy Tay


Timothy, we met you during one our wine tastings in January, how was the event?

The wine tastings organised by the The French Cellar provided a nice and relaxed setting to hang out with friends and learn more about French wines. It was very good value-for-money, since for just $30, we were able to taste and learn about 5 different quality wines, which is a real steal in Singapore. For someone with an interest in wine, but not much prior experience, I would certainly recommend attending one of the wine tasting events in the future.

 As a Vineyard Gems subscriber, what do you think about Nicolas Rebut selections? A specific “coup-de-coeur”?

After each bottle of wine, I would always look forward to trying the next bottle. That should tell you how good the wines picked out by Nicolas Rebut are! In particular, I really enjoyed the bottle of pinot noir from Bourgogne in the recent delivery. It was probably one of the best pinot noirs that I have had so far.


You spent a few years studying physics in Cambridge University (UK) before coming back to Singapore, what is your perception of old world wine, and maybe more precisely your opinion about French wine?

While I was studying in Cambridge, I would attend the occasional wine tasting. It was there that I first started to learn about wine appreciation. Being located in Europe, we tended to focus on the Old World wines, and that is probably the raison d’être for my preference for French and Spanish wines. Having tasted good wines from some of the lesser known regions, I was aware of the possibility of getting really good value French wines. However, picking the right bottle on my own was always a challenge, and that is where The French Cellar has really shone.

Would you recommend The French Cellar to your friends? 

I would definitely recommend The French Cellar to anyone who would like to have good French wine without having to go through the uncertainty of picking one.

Timothy, we are proud to have you in The French Cellar community

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