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Wine Tips: Six Basic Steps In Tasting Wine


The easier way to start your wine learning journey: with the very glass of wine in your hand

Wine can seem so complicated when you are starting out.

Just the long list of different grape names and wine regions is enough to really confuse you.

If you are just starting on your wine journey, it’s better to forget about the need to memorize wine terms or learn wine theory. Instead, let’s simplify things and focus on the practical skill of decoding that glass of wine in your hand. Engage all your senses to tell the kind of wine that’s in the glass.

It’s almost like learning how to ride a bicycle. Mostly likely, you did not sit down to learn the theory of cycling and how pushing on the pedal transfers energy which powers the wheels and propels the bicycle forwards. You just got on the bicycle and quickly built an intuition of how to pedal and steer.

Same here. Go ahead and jump in to focus on the act of drinking wine itself.

This progress will allow you the greatest sense of achievement and momentum to move forwards.

The following 6 steps gives an overview of how to appreciate wine. We jump into detail for each of these steps in upcoming articles.

Step 1 – See

Hold your glass of wine by the stem, and not by the cup. Position your glass against a white surface and have a look at the wine. What color is it?

The color gives the obvious clue of whether it’s a white wine, rose wine, or red wine.

Notice the shade of the color. How deep or light-colored is it?

Red wines are made darker because of more grape-skin contact and have been made from grapes with thicker skins. Grape skins supply flavor in addition to color, making reds taste bolder than roses and whites. White wines that appear with yellow tones tend to have been aged in barrels.

Step 2 – Swirl

Next, swirl the wine. Swirling enlarges large surface area of the wine that is in contact with the air. This aerates the wine and releases aromas, which is essential for the next step.

Step 3 – Sniff

Dip your nose into the glass to take 2 or 3 lengthy sniffs. Notice any familiar smells? Recall the aromas of the food you eat everyday. Many winemakers skillfully create wines that express these aromas. The aromas are a result of 3 factors: the grape variety in the wine, the vineyard location, and the winemaking process.

Step 4 – Sip

Now we are ready to sip the wine. Notice that only halfway through the 6 steps does the wine actually enter your mouth. Many wine newbies make the mistake of starting off by sipping.

In addition to the burst of flavors felt in your mouth, try to pick out the sweetness and acidity of the wine. Wines with lower sugar content are known as ‘dry’ wines. Really sweet wines could be dessert wines.

Also take note of whether the wine is carbonated (the gassy feeling that you get from drinking Coke). If you find that your wine is carbonated, it’s likely to be a Champagne or sparkling wine.

Step 5 – Swish

Swish the wine around your mouth in order to coat your palate, tongue, and cheeks. Almost like you are using the wine as a mouthwash. Feel the weight of the wine. Does the wine feel heavy and creamy or light-bodied? In general, white wines feel ligher and have lower alcohol then reds.

Step 6 – Savour

Savour the flavors and intensity of the wine. Do the flavors linger in your mouth even after you swallow it? The aftertaste is known as the finish.  Take note of the length of the finish.

That’s it! Understand all 6 steps before you go into any other details about wine.  We’ll follow up on a more detailed explanation of the 6 steps in subsequent articles.



 3 take away messages:

– Tasting wines should excite the senses

– Six easy steps: See – Swirl – Sniff – Sip –  Swish –  Savour

– Tasting should be fun, no need to be an expert to enjoy wine!

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The French Cellar in Media:

Think of The French Cellar as an exercise in uncorking surprises of the vino variety.

Singapore Tatler, March 2014

The concept is simple. The French Cellar will send 2 bottles of French wine, which has been handpicked after meticulous tastings at vineyards across France.

August Man, April 2014

Wines come with tasting notes and food pairing suggestions from Mr Rebut, former head sommelier at Alain Ducasse’s Le Louis XV in Monaco, and at Le Meurice, a luxury hotel with a three-Michelin-starred restaurant in Paris

Straits Times, October 2013

By introducing eight new winemakers every month, Mr Rebut ensures that the exclusive selection is not only of the finest quality, but also represents a variety of regions and winemakers 

Sunday Times, April 2014

Off The Beaten Track. The French Cellar and sommelier Nicolas Rebut want to show wine drinkers in the city-state that French wine is more than just Bordeaux

The Edge, May 2014

The French Cellar partner of French Chamber of Commerce for their “FCCS Gala Dinner So Chic” at the Ritz Carlton

The evening was a fabulous night where the best of Singapore meets the most refined of French creativity. Thanks to Chef Michel Rostang, Two Michelin-Star Chef in Paris, our guests experienced some of the finest French cuisine in Singapore, accompanied by most delicate French wines by The French Cellar and Champagne by Mumm.



For Corporate Tastings, feel free to contact us: http://www.thefrenchcellar.sg/corporate-tasting/

Next Wine Tasting 6 May: 8 different appellations from France

SONY DSCDear Wine Lovers,


We are glad to invite you to our next wine tasting event. We will taste 8 wines from our Vineyard gems and Tasting Voyage subscription offers. We will taste wines from Alsace, Bordeaux, Burgundy and Languedoc, Corsica and Rhone. 8 different appellations!


Vineyard Gems

– Patrimonio, Domaine d’E Croce Yves Leccia, 2011

– Saint Hippolyte Silbergrub, Domaine François Bléger, 2011

– Bourgogne Blanc Initiales BB, Domaine Benard Bonin, 2011

– Les Pampres, Mas Laval, 2012


Tasting Voyage

– Château La Fleur Haut Carras, Pauillac, 2009

– Le 360 du Mas des Armes, 2009

– Nuits Saint Georges Aux Champs Perdrix 2010 Domaine Alain Michelot

– Châteauneuf-du-Pape, Domaine de Beaurenard, 2006


We will have nice cheeses and charcuterie from different part of France, provided by our partner The French Grocer


We refund you if you subscribe to one of our wine subscription offers Vineyard Gems, Tasting Voyage, Grands Crus or Cellar Icons. During the event, We will give you a discount of $40 to use on TheFrenchCellar.sg.

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Discover the pictures of our last wine tasting


Do not miss this beautiful French wine journey! If you have any questions, feel free to contact us contact@thefrenchcellar.sg


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About our host:

Mah Sing Group Berhad is Malaysia’s leading developer at the forefront of building quality homes and prime commercial projects in strategic locations. Our vision goes beyond the homes that we build to embrace the communities that live in them. Each of our multi award-winning residential, commercial and industrial projects begin with a great lifestyle quality in mind. We build with an innovative passion that redefines living spaces to enrich the lives of families, grow vibrant communities and enhance the surrounding environments. Dedicated to this passion, you have reasons to celebrate the present while you invest in the future. This is our pledge to help fulfil all your inspirations that has won us a sterling reputation as Malaysia’s premier lifestyle developer.

Wine Tasting 16 April – Great wines, great people. #happiness


picture cheese

We have tasted 8 excellent wines selected by our Sommelier, from Corsica, Alsace, Languedoc, Roussillon, Burgundy and Bordeaux:
– Saint Hippolyte Silbergrub, Domaine François Bléger, 2011
– Patrimonio, Domaine d’E Croce Yves Leccia, 2011
– La Glaciere 100% Grenache, Domaine les Lys 2012
– Saint Joseph, Domaine du Monteillet 2011
– Le Clos des Fées, Les Sorcières, 2012
– Château La Fleur Haut Carras, Pauillac, 2009
– Le 360 du Mas des Armes, 2009
– Beaune Premier cru Toussaints, Domaine Xavier Monnot, 2009

The French Cellar wine journey in 5 months!

The French Cellar journey

It’s just the beginning of our journey, we will go everywhere there are beautiful vineyards and talented winemakers.

Thousands and thousands vineyards in France, our sommelier will select for us the Gems.

The French Cellar, an epicurean wine tasting journey in Singapore!

An Exclusive Wine Tasting with The French Cellar’s Sommelier at Vue Privée

Dear Wine Lovers,


We are thrilled to invite you to this very special wine tasting with our 3-star Michelin Sommelier, Nicolas Rebut. As you know, Nicolas meticulously selects all the wine selections you enjoy from The French Cellar. We hope you will be a part of this momentous exchange as he shares on his passion for wine and his work in France to select the best gems for us.

This event is organized in conjunction with the much talked about Vue-Privee gallery located at 63 Spottiswoode Park Road.

7 wines from our Vineyard Gems and Tasting Voyage will be tasted. Some food will provided during the tasting. We will taste a few of our wines from Bordeaux, Burgundy, Corsica, Languedoc, Loire and Rhône.


Cairanne, Domaine Marcel Richaud, 2011 (Rhône)

Mas des Agrunelles, L’Indigène, 2010 (Languedoc)

Patrimonio Domaine d’E Croce 2011 (Corsica)

Sancerre Les Romains, Domaine Pascal Gitton, 2010 (Loire)



Beaune 1er cru Toussaints 2009 Domaine Xavier Monnot (Burgundy)

Château Olivier, Pessac-Leognan Grand Cru Classé, 2001 (Bordeaux)

Châteauneuf-du-Pape, Domaine de Beaurenard, 2006 (Rhône)

Allobroges Cuvee Shiste, Domaine des Ardoisieres 2012 (Savoie)


$40 – We REFUND you if you become a Subscriber. During the event, we will give you a coupon code to be used on TheFrenchCellar.sg.


http://www.eventbrite.sg/e/exclusive-evening-with-the-french-cellars-sommelier-vue-privee-gallery-tickets-10747651515?aff=efbbt (Paypal not needed)



Wine Tasting 21st Feb, Vineyard Gems tasting


The French Cellar Wine Tasting 21st February – Free Tasting if you subscribe!

Dear Wine Lovers,

We are glad to invite you to our next Wine Tasting at The Artisty. We will taste 7 wines including 5 wines from our Vineyard Gems offer:

– Cairanne Domaine Marcel Richaud 2011 (Rhône)

– Château Haut-Gazeau, Lussac Saint Emilion, 2010 (Bordeaux)

– Mas des Agrunelles, L’Indigène, 2010 (Languedoc)

– Rully Premier cru Les Cailloux, Rois Mages, 2011 (Burgundy)

– Sancerre Les Romains, Domaine Pascal Gitton, 2010 (Loire)

Some food will be served during the tasting.

wine tasting


Cost: 35 SGD, all inclusive, you can taste as much as you want.

We reimburse you if you subscribe to Vineyard Gems (3, 6 or 12 months)! Practically, we will give you, during the tasting, a coupon of 35 SGD to be used on our website.

If you have any questions: contact@thefrenchcellar.sg

Best regards




Get tickets herehttp://www.eventbrite.sg/e/the-french-cellar-wine-tasting-21st-february-tickets-10345807589?aff=efbbt

PS: Paypal account not needed

With TheFrenchCellar.sg, discover and enjoy curated selections of French wines. Selected by a 3-star Michelin Sommelier, imported straight from the vineyards.

The French Cellar Wine Tasting #2

 10 French wines, a booklet of Tasting Notes written by our sommelier, great people, a very good session, thank you!

wine tasting wine tasting wine tasting wine tasting wine tasting

Champagne Deutz

Mas des Agrunelles, L’Indigène, 2010

Le Clos des Fées, Les Sorcières, 2012

Cairanne, Domaine Marcel Richaud, 2011

Château Haut-Gazeau, Lussac Saint Emilion, 2010

Pommard Les Vignots, Domaine Demougeot, 2010

Château Cantenac Brown BriO, Margaux, 2006

Chateau Olivier, Pessac-Leognan, 2001

Château Louis Saint Emilion Grand Cru 2009

Caprice de Bastor Lamontagne, Sauternes, 2012

The French Cellar Wine Tasting, January 22 at The Artistry

event 22 jan

Dear All,

We wish you a Happy New Year to all of you.

The mission of TheFrenchCellar.sg for 2014 is simple: bring you the best wines France has to offer, at competitive price. We let you discover our revamped website, Jan 2014 selections and our new Private sales page.

To celebrate this new year (and Saint Vincent the Patron Saint of Winemakers), let’s travel to France: Bordeaux, Burgundy, Champagne, Languedoc-Roussillon and Sauternes!

During this wine tasting, you will enjoy our sommelier’s selections (10 wines):

Vineyard Gems


Tasting Voyage


Private Sales: Flash Deal


You can taste and drink as many wines you want, some food will be provided during the tasting

Prices and tasting notes from our sommelier are available for each wine on our website.

59 SGD early bird (then regular: 65 SGD)

Tickets available here http://www.eventbrite.sg/e/the-french-cellar-wine-tasting-tickets-9972918267?aff=efbbt (No payment at the door)

See you at The Artistry, Jalan Pinang, Singapore 199149,

If you have any questions: contact@thefrenchcellar.sg

Best regards
The French Cellar team



PS: Paypal account not needed

With TheFrenchCellar.sg, discover and enjoy curated selections of French wines. Selected by a 3-starred Michelin Sommelier, imported straight from the vineyards.

Wine tasting guide

Every wine is delivered with a tasting guide from our sommelier: the vineyard, the winemaker, the grapes, the nose, the palate, some pairing advice… The wines will no longer hold any secrets for you!



http://www.thefrenchcellar.sg/wines-of-the-month/ (“wine tasting details”)

Who is our Sommelier?


Based in France, Nicolas Rebut is exploring vineyards and building personal and privileged relationships with winemakers and estates to find the finest wines for the best value.

Tasting thousands of wines each year, Nicolas Rebut selects only the best wines for you, from renowned estates to undiscovered appellations.

In 1999, Nicolas Rebut joined the three stars restaurant “Le Louis XV” in Monaco – managed by Alain Ducasse, one of the greatest French Chefs – where he became Chef Sommelier in charge of the cellar, wine selection and pairing.


In 2005, Nicolas Rebut decided to leave the South of France for Paris to become Chef Sommelier of the Parisian HotelLe Meurice” (three Michelin stars).
Managing a team of seven sommeliers, he revolutionized the wine menu and was responsible for its exceptional wine cellar of over 500 000 bottles.

Nicolas Rebut is also the author, with Chihiro Masui, of the bestseller ‘Une affaire de gout’, about wine pairing.

In this book, he describes many great pairings of French wines and Asian dishes.

Examples include: Champagne and Green Thai fish curry, Puligny Montrachet and Xiaolongbao, Romanee-Conti and Tuna Sashimi (without wasabi!), Clos de Tart and wagyu beef, Pauillac and Beijing Duck, Pomerol and Yuxiang pork.