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Do The Sulfites In Wine Give You A Headache?
18 Apr, 2016


Many think that sulfites is the thing that gives you the red wine headache.


Have you noticed the phrase ‘contient des sulfites’ (‘contains sulfites’) printed on your wine bottle label?

The printing of this phrase was recently made compulsory by wine authorities in Europe. The reason is to alert the small percentage of people who are allergic to sulfites. Some people with chronic asthma may experience difficulties with breathing after consuming sulfites.

However, sulfites actually have little to do with headaches after drinking wine. Sulfites are necessary to kill off any bacteria and yeasts that remains after the winemaking process. The sulfites are also necessary to preserve the wine and stop it from oxidizing. Without sulfites, wine would quickly turn to vinegar…

So if it’s not the sulfites that cause wine headaches, what does?

One main reason is dehydration. Drinking alcohol dehydrates our bodies. Prolonged dehydration can cause headaches. Be sure to drink plenty of water when drink wine.

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