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Special Mini-interview The French Cellar CEO

The French Cellar Community

Vincent Morello, PhD
Chief Executive Officer

Vincent, The French Cellar is turning 3 years old?

Yes, 3 years already! I remember the launch 3 years ago, 1st October 2013… Such an amazing journey, I want to thank all our Members.  We have shipped tens of thousands of bottles from French vineyards to Singapore, more than 80% of our customers are Singaporean, It’s our pleasure and our pride.

What is the philosophy behind The French Cellar wine subscriptions?

Wine is expensive in Singapore, and French wines are even more pricey. Everybody who has been to France knows finding amazing wine is not a matter of price… In regions such Languedoc, Provence, Loire,  Alsace, etc.., enjoying wine is not a matter of price!

At The French Cellar, we don’t care about the label, we don’t care about marketing scores, we care about the taste and we care about the value. France has more than 100,000 wineries, we only import 72 wines from 72 winemakers a year.  In 3 years, we have imported wines from every French region, from Savoie to Corsica, from Bordeaux to Jura, from Provence to Loire.

The French Cellar model is different because we don’t sell bottles, we sell memberships. We take care of our Members, my job is to make sure every month quality wines are delivered to their doorstep.

Can you tell more about The French Cellar corporate services?

Yes, a few months ago, we have decided to launch a dedicated service to corporate: wine appreciation events and subscription gifts.

Our wine subscription packages can be offered as a gift,  a monthly and customizable gift that lasts! The French Cellar wine appreciation events are like a “tour de France”, within 2 hours 5 wines from 5 regions are explored with explanations and tips. I’m convinced wine is for everybody, no need to be an expert to enjoy wines…

I’m grateful so many companies, clubs, associations use our service. We will continue to give our best to make their partners, staff and clients happy!

Last words?

Thank you very very much to all our Members and our clients!

Making French wine accessible, unintimidating and fun! Our ambition, your pleasure, our pleasure!




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