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“Now my mother will ask me what is there from the French Cellar and cooks based on the month’s selection.”

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Mini-Interview #12
Jessica Wang Sing Yee
Jessica, you subscribed to our Vineyard Gems offer more than 2 years ago, in February 2014…. You tasted more than 50 different wines, what do you think of our sommelier’s selections?
Simply awesome, I started with almost zero knowledge about wine but the wine tasting sessions opened my horizon. I had the honour to meet Nicolas Rebut himself and hear about his choices and selections. The wines chosen by French Cellar are always easy to drink and goes well with many of the Asian cuisine. I think the best is I hardly get any hang overs from the wines even if I drank a lot.
Has your perception of French wine evolved? Did you drink wines from Corsica, Savoie or Jura before being The French Cellar Member?
Definitely, because of French Cellar I decided to go to Marathon Du Medoc in France. I never thought that there are so many things going on in that bottle of wine until I joined the French Cellar. I always thought wine in France is only made in Bordeaux. But I didn’t know that even nearer the Northern part like Loire, there were vineyards. French Cellar allowed me to enjoy all the wines from France without having to go and source myself, it is definitely worth it and I enjoyed reading the little booklets about what I am given for the month. Receiving the wines are like receiving Christmas Gifts, there is always so much to look forward to.
Jessica Wang Sing Yee a wine lover and marathon runner who enjoys a good wine after every race.
 How do you pair The French Cellar wines?
I usually share my bottle with my family members, who happen to be drinkers too, they never knew what French wine was about until I started the French Cellar subscription. Now my mother will ask me what is there from the French cellar and cooks based on the month’s selection. The reds from France are light and not that strong compared to Australian reds. So it is good to go with even some seafood.
Would you recommend The French Cellar to your friends?
Some of my friends asked me about French Cellar before, I will tell them to try out the subscription themselves, it is definitely worth it.
Thank you very much Jessica! Glad to have you in The French Cellar Community

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