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“Nicolas Rebut is like the Django Reinhardt or Stevie Wonder of wine”

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Jez Tan

Jez, did you enjoy The French Cellar wine tasting and dinners you recently (and frequently) attended?

The French Cellar tastings have always been interesting, engaging, enriching and refreshing! The dinner brings elated wine lovers together to dine, interact and learn. I can’t get enuff of these sessions.

 Why did you choose to subscribe to our Vineyard Gems + Tasting Voyage  + Grands Crus subscription plans?

I actually subscribed to all 3 packages at one point. But the Grand Crus are stuff that I have been very used to drinking, while Vineyard Gems and Tasting Voyage features exciting wines from the other 11 wine producing regions of France that drinkers here are less familiar with. And my, the nectar from heaven that you send me every month really refreshing and tantalize my palate so much, my current monthly orders are 2 sets of Tasting Voyage, 4 sets of Vineyard Gems so that I can cellar the extra bottles in case they get sold out on The French Cellar website.

What do you think about our sommelier’s selections so far?

Wonderful and exquisite selections. It’s like music, you need to get the gypsies to play authentic gypsy jazz, the blacks to sing heartfelt gospel, and the french to know their wines. Of cos anyone can do all those, but I figure Nicolas Rebut is like the Django Reinhardt or Stevie Wonder of wine. Absolutely wide spectrum of seriously drinkable selections that’s light on the wallet.

Would you recommend The French Cellar to your friends?


Thank you very much Jez

Glad to have you in The French Cellar community


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