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Mini-Interview – Dr Chris Yang

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Mini-Interview #13
Dr Chris Yang
Dr Chris Yang is currently a Senior Financial Consultant with a preferred financial services group. Trained as an Artist, a Molecular Biologist, in Economics, and in Strategic & Financial Risk Management, Dr Chris brings an array of his expertise where his clients’ consult on their well-being & wealth-being. In his own time, he appreciates food & wine, a healthy lifestyle with golf & gym, and traveling – all with a good company of friends to share with.

– Christopher, you attended a few wine tasting events, how was the wine tasting experience?

Yes, it was very good meeting you and the team your event. The wine tasting experience was nothing short of impressive. I still remember it vividly… The quality was really good, selection varied, and importantly, your events had great company. What is good wine without great company to share it with? So far, the wine quality is surprisingly better than I expected, and you can tell that a good amount of effort was put in to select the bottles

–  You have 2 subscriptions plans:  Vineyard Gems subscription and The Peak Wine Club subscription, may we know why?

I joined initially as a Peak  Wine Club Member, then during the subsequent wine tasting events, I also realized that the Vineyard Gems are really great value too. I thought that it would be an experientially interesting journey to go along with Vineyard Gems and also have the Grand Crus. This way, I have variety of wine and be able to appreciate the complexities of the classification. I was really getting the best of both worlds.

–  What’s the most surprising wine or pairing you enjoyed so far?

Every month, when the wines are delivered, it has always been a lot of anticipation and ends with a surprise. Fair to say that my friends, and myself, are enjoying the wines – always. If there is any other surprise, it would be that the consistency of getting good (value) wines and being able to learn so much about these wines. The tasting guide booklets and online PDFs have been the other significant enjoyment I get. It is always so often that you get the enquiry of “what wine is this?”, and seldom can we reply that it is actually a blend of two varietals, and you should be able experience the bouquets and characteristic hints.

-Would you recommend The French Cellar to your friends?

Yes, I would recommend, and have been recommending my friends to The French Cellar. I really like the experiential learning journey with the guidance and the superbly selected wines. I don’t know anyone else who does this the way The French Cellar does, and I am really pleased with the exposure to the French wines that I have been receiving.

Thank you very much Dr Chris Yang

Glad to have you in The French Cellar community



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