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Conditions for wine to age gracefully
25 Jul, 2018

What are the key conditions for wine to age gracefully?

1. Light

The storage area must be dark otherwise, ultraviolet (UV) rays will cause damage to the stable organic compounds within the wine.

2. Temperature

The optimum temperature for storage is at 13-degree Celsius. If the temperature is too high or too low, the wines cannot reach it’s best ageing potential.

3. Cork

Corks are required to age wine. Within a cork, it comprises about 800 million cells, each containing a minuscule amount of oxygen. When the cork is compressed to seal the bottle, oxygen is forced out from the bottom of the cork and into the wine, which is essential for the wine to age.

4. Humidity 

Without humidity, corks will shrink and dry. Thereafter, too much air will be in contact with the wine, resulting in rapid oxidation. When that happens, the wines will lose its characteristics.

With the right conditions, the ageing process is optimized and wine lovers can appreciate them at its best!

Get advice from our Sommelier’s tasting guide for the proper cellaring years for individual bottles. You may find them in the specifications column, with the optimum service temperature and maximum cellaring years.



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