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“Before The French Cellar, wine discovery was a random affair”

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Mini-Interview #8

Stefan Lim 

CEO noisycrayons

– Before you subscribed to The French Cellar in 2014, how did you choose your wines?
Before The French Cellar, wine discovery was a random affair. It depended on where I was and who I was with. I visited supermarkets and small specialised retail stores where recommendations were either lacking or not forthcoming. Good wines were also pricey.
Access to good wines became an expensive activity that depended on luck, until The French Cellar came along. Now, I am served by a trusted sommelier who would scour the whole of France for good quality wines that are reasonably priced.
– Are sommelier’s tasting notes sent to you every month with the wines useful?
My affair with The French Cellar’s wines helped me develop intimate appreciation of how wine affects the palate and more. With the tasting notes, I have been placed on a journey of discovery. Every month, I gain an understanding of the geography, climate and conditions in the regions where the grapes are grown and wines made. I am  able to taste the best of France without having to physically be in all these regions.
guide HIW
– How do you usually enjoy wines?
Along the way, I discovered that depending on the context of your environment and company, every bottle of wine delivers a different palate and nose. The nature of work requires me to think deep and spend long nights in the office alone – a sip or two usually wakes the palate and re-energises the spirit. That said, sipping wines for solace is not ideal! Wines from The French Cellar are also best enjoyed with colleagues and friends and I’m pretty sure the wines smell and taste different when you are enjoy them with the people who matter.
– Would you recommend The French Cellar?
I would recommend wines from the The French Cellar to people who appreciate having wines selected for you by very qualified people who travel throughout the country in search of good yards and produce. It’s a great deal of work done for you, on your behalf. All you have to do is to sit back, relax and enjoy a sip of the best from a sprawling region of many many vineyards!
Thank you Stefan!
Glad to have you in The French Cellar community

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