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5 Reasons Why Wine Bottles Have Punts At The Bottom (but it’s an endless debate anyway)
19 Nov, 2017


Have a close look. It is there but you might have not noticed it yet.


Punt is the name given to the dimple at the bottom of the wine bottles. And there is absolutely no consensus for its origin and use. That’s why the purpose of such indentation is often the cause of debates among the wine geeks. We don’t have one answer for you but 5!

Below some arguments for your next wine tasting event.


1- Punts make it easier to serve wine

Holding the bottle from the bottom, like they do in fancy restaurants, the punt is a really nice spot for your thumb.


2- Punts catch the sediment in the wine

The angle of the punt on the bottom of the bottle makes a narrow space where the sediments are collected near the base. The sediments cannot blend back in the wine.


3- Punts make your wine cool faster

The punt increased the contact surface between the glass and the wine. This could make the wine inside the bottle chill quicker.


4- Punts make the more resistant to pressure

A story is that during old times when the bottles were of poor quality, the strong punts help to better hold the pressure of the sparkling wines. Apparently 80% of the 1828 vintage of Champagne was lost because of explosion… 


5- Punts make it easier to stack the wine bottles

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