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“The French Cellar wine tasting events are very different from the normal wine tasting events”

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Nathalie Ng

 How are The French Cellar wine tasting events?

The French Cellar wine tasting events are very different from the normal wine tasting events that you get from places like Merchants, or Wine Connection. Tasting at TFC actually has food pairings that go with the various wines, and Vincent and Eric lead you through the wines from the lightest to the most-heavy ones on your palate.

Not only that, but they also tell you more about wines; what does blanc de noir mean (white wine from black grapes, in case you were wondering), and how sparkling wines are made. At a TFC wine tasting event, you not only learn more about the wine you’re tasting, but more about wines in general, and that’s something that sets it apart from various other wine tasting events.

Why did you subscribe to The French Cellar?

Last year in July, right before I was to fly to Paris for a holiday, I went to my first TFC wine tasting event at Three Bistro. Before this, wine was something I disliked – the astringency of what little wine I’ve tasted left (quite literally) a sour taste in my mouth. However, the wines that were being sent around at this event were complex, and I decided to sign up on the spot. Anyway, you can stop anytime you want. I haven’t cancelled my subscription since. 😉


What is your favourite wine you received?

It’ll be hard to pick a favourite. My taste in wines tends towards full-bodied reds.  For whites, it would be the Cremant de Bourgogne Blanc de Noir, while for red, it would be a Provence wine, Domaine La Badiane!

Would you recommend The French Cellar?

Yes, and I have. TFC subscriptions actually bring to you wines that you wouldn’t usually pick for yourself when you walk into a wine shop.

Thank you very much Nathalie!

Glad to have you in The French Cellar community


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