NTU Wine Society President Mini-Interview
03 Nov, 2016

The French Cellar Community

Xin Wei Chia
Xin Wei, you are the President of NTU Wine Society, what is your relationship with wine?

My relationship with wine is fairly complicated, on one hand i love drinking wine, but on the other, i’m constantly bounded by limitations such as the price, availability, etc. Moreover, when it comes to hosting events with my colleagues, given how limited our student society budget is, there is always a price attached to wine that we have to take note of. Hence in search of the most value for money and easily purchasable wine in Singapore, i have to admit that wine has annoyed me at times too.

How was The French Cellar tasting event organized at NTU campus?
Our members absolutely loved it! A few came up to me and mentioned how much they’ve learnt from it and are already asking when is the next TFC event. Also, needless to say, the french wine that we drank was great. To be honest, due to the budget constrains that we constantly face, our wine appreciation events rarely involves French wine alone (usually mixed with New Worlds) This is partly due to the higher cost associated with them. Hence, being able to organise a french wine only event was truly an eye opener as we learnt about the various regions of France, and tasted Rose, Red, White and even Sparkling.
What do you think about The French Cellar subscription box?

Sad to say, i’ve been drinking dirt cheap wine bought from supermarkets and as the price goes, i’ve nothing to comment about them. As a student, i have to admit that quality wine is not exactly part of my monthly budget. However, now that i’m sharing TFC subscription box with two of my other wine loving friends, i have to admit that it has ruined my tastebuds for dirt cheap wine. Which is a totally good thing, because the world of wine is full of surprises, and trust me, the wines found in supermarkets can barely scrap the surface. And sharing is such a good idea because, we get to really appreciate and drink good french wine once every month with a fraction of the cost. What better excuse to get together with your friends then “our wine has arrived!”

Would you recommend The French Cellar to your friends?

Yes i would, because firstly, it is not easy to find good french wine in the supermarkets (believe me i’ve tried dozens of time in attempt to source for quality wine for our events). Secondly, the cost, a good wine in the supermarkets or wine shops will cost at least $50 and above. Think about how worthwhile it is to get such value for money wines with free delivery! But that being said, for students, i would strongly recommend you guys to share it with your friends. Like i said, what better way then to spend time with your friends over a glass of good wine?

Thanks Xin Wei, glad to have you in The French Cellar community!


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